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In our permanent job placement services, Sdrops stands between the Sdrops-registered job seeker and the company seeking an employee to assist with the hiring procedures. Sdrops mediates employment situations that are highly satisfactory for both the client and the job seeker because Sdrops carefully investigates the needs of both parties and selects the most appropriate employee from its large pool of registered staff.


  • Skilled, Experienced Consultants

    Sdrops is in the all-level market, meaning the consultants we place typically have at least one to five years in their chosen industry.

  • Bridging the gap with contract staffing

    We place project managers, career consultants and interim leadership as well as hands-on professionals and technicians. Refer to the Sdrops practice that best meets your functional need, and we'll respond with proven consultants who integrate seamlessly into your workforce.

  • Consultant satisfaction takes top priority

    We value our consultants as an integral part of our team. We make sure our consultants don't have to think twice about their assignment and payment details, so that they can focus on providing excellent service to you


  • Flexibility is just the begining

    Staffing challenges can arise from any number of other situations: business growth, demand cycles, technology implementations and mergers and acquisitions are just a few.

  • Bridging the gap with contract staffing

    Skilled contract professionals provide extra support and infuse critical knowledge into your organization. Taking advantage for critical business functions in HR, finance, legal and IT also leaves more time for leadership to focus on strategic initiatives. Further, you can:

    • Manage project overflow, peak periods and special assignments
    • Increase responsiveness to your external and internal customers
    • Outsource the burden of recruiting, hiring and paying contingent workers
    • Keep your permanent staff focused on more challenging, interesting and substantive work
    • Reduce employee "burn-out" by supplementing your core staff with contract employees
    • Take advantage of flexible pricing options to save money
    • Manage your department or unit more efficiently

  • We are responsible for the entire process, so that you can focus on realizing your business objectives and do not have to worry about the staffing process.

  • Trained Manpower

    It is lined up with latest technological developments.

  • 1.Continuously trained on the latest technologies.

  • 2.Have competency, talent and leadership skills to drive your company to greater heights.

  • Authentic and Reliable

    Sdrops is committed to provide you with reliable, transparent and honest services. Our rigorous recruiting process includes.


  • Contract Staffing Fee

    The basic fee model for staffing companies that provide contract professionals is as follows:

    • "Burden" (taxes, benefits, workers compensation insurance, etc.)

    • Recruiting personnel costs

    • Overhead/General &s; Administrative costs

    • Profit margin

  • How the pay rate is determined

    In common practice, the hourly wage of the client's regular employees is used as a guide in setting pay rates, or when that is not available, available market salary data. With this formula, the cost of temporary labor to clientfirms is typically the same or very close to the hourly wage of their regular employees in the same job positions. Of course, highly specialized consultants negotiate and command higher pay rates.

  • How the mark-up is determined

    The mark-up and bill rate may differ from assignment to assignment, as they take into account many factors such as the availability of talent, - going market pay rates, volume of business with the client and length of assignment. In addition to the tangible costs associated with contract professionals, the client should feel confident that they are receiving intangible value for their payment. In other words, they are supporting expertise in a particular subject area as well as the effort to constantly recruit, evaluate, and interview candidates. By building a rich candidate pool, Sdrops is able to present an appropriate match, quickly, when an order comes in.


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